Free UK Mainland Delivery On All Orders Over £100 Exc VAT (Delivery Not Available Outside Of UK Mainland)

Free UK Mainland Delivery On All Orders Over £100 Exc VAT

(Delivery Not Available Outside Of UK Mainland)

Natural HDPE Rods (PE500)


PE500 Natural sheets and rods are an extremely versatile semi-finished engineering plastic material manufactured from Ethylene Polymer, this product is also known as high molecular weight polyethylene and has many benefits such as excellent good slide and wear properties, good impact strength.

It’s used daily in many market sectors such as the construction industry, food technology and the mining industry amongst many more.

Vision Plastics aim to deliver this product to all UK mainland postal code area’s on a maximum 2-3 day delivery service, once your order is placed you will receive a VAT invoice from us along with an estimated delivery time, if your order is urgent please let us know and we will do our best to service your requirement as quickly as possible.

Common Questions Relating To PE500 Natural

  1. Is PE500 Natural material FDA Approved? Yes the PE500 Natural product is FDA Approved and also has approval to EU 10/2011 for plastic materials coming into contact with food

  1. What is the density of PE500 Natural? The density of PE500 Natural is 0.95g/cm³

  1. Does PE500 Natural material have any UV stability for external use? No, the natural has no UV resistance against discoloration with exposure to UV light

  1. What is the working temperature of PE500 Natural materials? The working temperature of PE500 Natural material is -100°C to +80°C


  1. Are PE500 Natural materials recyclable? Yes, PE500 Natural materials are recyclable

  1. What is the shore hardness of PE500 materials? The shore hardness of PE500 natural is 65 D